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Attractions In Thailand

Discover the magic of Thailand, a realm of captivating islands with a trove of recommended attractions. Craft the perfect vacation by blending diverse destinations, each offering a plethora of attractions and excursions. Streamline your experience by pre-booking attractions upon arrival, either through us, the hotel, or a local agency for a seamless Thai adventure.




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We offer the fun attractions in Thailand.
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Attractions in Thailand - FAQ

Attractions of two days or more such as a trip to Red Brick for example, it is recommended to book in advance during the planning stage of the trip. Marine attractions such as a trip to Kofipi, it is recommended to book upon arrival at the destination after making sure the weather is fine.

You can find recommended water parks in Hua Hin, Pattaya, and of course on Phuket Island.

Most of the attractions are definitely safe, it is important to book attractions from travel agencies that have accident insurance from the local tourism office called TAT LICENSE like our companies have.


You can book through us, at hotels and local travel agencies with TAT approval. Note that each attraction has many suppliers, it is important to choose the right supplier. We only work with the best suppliers that have passed our check.

For each type of trip there are several suppliers (attraction operators) and different trips. For example, in Phuket for the 7 Islands trip (Koh Phi Phi), we strongly recommend going on a trip with our supplier who offers a large and comfortable catamaran boat. For the same trip, there are many suppliers who also offer trips on small speedboats, so we do not recommend it.

Each attraction supplier has different cancellation conditions, please note that a rainy day is not a valid reason for canceling an attraction

Of course, in Thailand you will find lots of trips that are suitable lttile kids in most tourist destinations.

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