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A Traveler's Guide- Bangkok

Welcome to the city of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Population of about 15 million people, the largest city in Thailand and one of the largest and densest cities in Asia. Bangkok is a huge metropolis and the most visited city in the world. Asking why? Excellent, that’s why we’re here, in this article you’ll find all the most recent, interesting and exciting information about this much-loved city of Bangkok, or by its other name, “The City of Angels”.

In the city of Bangkok you will enjoy a magical combination of familiar and beloved Thai authenticity alongside boundless modernization. On the one hand, ancient temples, which hint at the city’s fascinating history, and on the other hand, skyscrapers and magnificent shopping centers that make it one of the most interesting and modern cities in the world.

Bangkok is the economic center of Thailand and some call it the “New York” of Asia. The city of Bangkok will probably be your first or last destination on vacation in Thailand. A combination of shopping, food, markets, nightlife and excursions will make your stay in the city absolutely fascinating.

Flights to Bangkok

For most travelers, Bangkok is the first stop in Thailand. “Suvarnabhumi” Airport (BKK) is the international airport and is located about 28 km east of downtown Bangkok. A taxi to downtown Bangkok can be taken regularly on the 2nd floor of the airport at a cost of about 400 baht, the price includes the airport fee, road and express In addition, you can reach the city center by a train that connects the airport to the city center, the “Airport Link” train can be taken at the basement floor of the airport, floor B.

Another airport in the city of Bangkok is called “Don Mueang” (DMK). An airport intended mainly for domestic flights to various destinations throughout the country. The airport is located about 25 km north of the city of Bangkok. It is recommended to take a taxi from the airport on the ground floor in an organized manner. A trip to the city center with a meter including highway toll (50 baht) and airport toll (50 baht) will cost around 300-350 baht.Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports are international airports, so you can also fly to destinations outside of Thailand. Examples of low-cost companies: Air Asia, Lion Air, Nok Air, and other small companies.
Pay attention to an important tip! If you ordered a domestic flight ticket independently, you must verify from which airport in the city the onward flight to the next destination in Thailand departs.

So remember that Thailand is a convenient gateway to all of Southeast Asia, so if you want another destination, for example Singapore or the Philippines, then at the airports you will find a huge selection of flights.

flights to bangkok

Weather in Bangkok

Bangkok like all of Thailand is located in an area of tropical climate, anyone who has visited Bangkok can tell you one thing about the weather, and it will be true for everyone, Bangkok is very hot! In addition to quite high temperatures, the percentage of humidity is also very high, in all seasons of the year in Bangkok it is always recommended to wear short clothing because in all seasons of the year it is very hot.

Seasons in Bangkok, Bangkok can be divided into 3 periods:

Hot season

From February to May, known as the dry season in Thailand, you can expect a noticeable reduction in rainfall. During this time, the weather becomes exceptionally hot and humid. The clear skies and scorching temperatures define this season, making it an ideal time for those who prefer drier conditions and a sun-soaked experience.

Rainy season

From May to October, expect frequent rain due to the tropical climate. While it’s still hot, it’s a good idea to wear shorts, but carrying an umbrella is highly recommended. You can easily find inexpensive nylon rain tops at “Seven Eleven” stores in Thailand which could be found at every coreners of the street.

Cold season

November to January, in this season you can enjoy a pleasant breeze in the evenings and nights but of course you won’t feel really cold, it will still be very hot and very humid but more comfortable than the other seasons, in this season it rains relatively rarely.

Temperatures in the Bangkok vary from around 25 degrees at night to as high as 35 degrees during the day. On some unusual nights, temperatures may drop a bit below 25 degrees but generally stay above 20 degrees. There will also be days when temperatures exceed 35 degrees.

Bangkok | בנקוק3

Commuting in Bangkok

Bangkok, as you probably already understood, it is a huge, busy and congested city. This special city knows how to accommodate at any given time over 20 million people, including tourists, and in addition to provide everyone with advanced public transportation. Alongside very efficient public transport you will find lots of cool and creative transport solutions typical of Bangkok.

It is important that you understand that the more convenient transportation solutions that the city offers, the more you can enjoy Bangkok. The capital of Thailand is networked throughout with all types of trains, subway, elevated train, regular train, and a dedicated train to the airport that stops at central locations of the city.

Along with all this, of course, you will find taxis at ridiculous prices, tuktuks, and even motorcycle taxis for the brave among us, all these means are cheap and fast. It is also possible to use applications that provide taxis such as: GRAB and BOLT.

BTS Train bangkok

One of the most popular and convenient transportation options in Bangkok is the BTS train service. It’s an elevated train network that operates independently of street traffic, making it the most efficient and well-known mode of transportation in the city. The BTS stations are strategically located in central areas and often connected to famous shopping centers, so it’s advisable to book a hotel near a BTS station for convenience. The BTS trains are air-conditioned and comfortable.

Additionally, there’s the MRT, an underground metro system that covers most of the city. It’s another excellent and convenient transportation choice, with some MRT stations connecting to the BTS train service, allowing for quick and efficient travel over longer distances.

tuk tuk bangkok

The most popular way of transportation in Bangkok, especially among tourists, is the tuk-tuk, every tourist feels a strong need to ride at least once in a tuk-tuk, this kind of transportation takes great photos on Instagram and therefore in recent years has become even more popular. Lots of tourists are just waiting for the opportunity to upload a story to Instagram in the middle of the trip. The feeling of riding a tuk-tuk is reminiscent of the feeling of riding a motorcycle, feeling more relaxed thanks to the sitting position. However, tuk-tuks are not an efficient kind of transportation like the trains and of course traveling by tuk-tuk is a little dangerous, therefore the recommendation is to experience but not rely on this means of transportation during your vacation in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

In terms of costs, it is very important to summarize the price of the trip before getting on the tuk-tuk, otherwise the price of the trip can be determined according to the driver’s desire at the end of the trip, so always negotiate a price in advance, in addition, tuk-tuk is considered the most expensive option among all the options.

taxi bangkok

Taxis in Bangkok are the most popular transportation in the city, travel prices are very cheap and of course traveling in air conditioning is a big advantage.

The “colored” taxis, these are normal taxis . An important tip in order to know which cab is vacant, on the sides of the windshield there is a red light, which symbolizes that the cab is free, if you don’t see a red light, the sign is that the cab is full. In addition, it is always recommended to ask the driver to turn on the meter and not to settle on a price in advance. On long trips and sometimes on short ones, the driver can choose to travel on toll roads, if he chooses to do so there will be a small surcharge for the trip, ask for the receipts so you know how much to pay for the trip on the toll road (prices range from 25-50 baht).

Always be kind and nice to the drivers, you will only make money, and you may even want to meet a driver who will be with you all day thanks to this, if you choose this the cost of an attached driver for the whole day will be around 1,000 – 3,000 baht.

motor taxi

The last option is a ride in motorcycle taxis, those drivers who sit on a motorcycle on the sides of the road with orange vests. Motorcycle taxi drivers are scattered all over the city and sit next to the motorcycles alert and ready to serve, a motorcycle taxi ride is recommended for short distances. The cost of the trip will range from 10-200 baht, depending on the distance.

Best areas to stay in Bangkok

Bangkok is a huge city, after all you have to provide a solution for 15 million permanent residents, plus 20 million tourists a year. Despite the traffic jams throughout the city during rush hour, the city is well planned to accommodate the large numbers just mentioned.

Like any city, Bangkok also has major tourist areas located around Siam and along Sukhumvit Road. The Siam area is one of the most touristed areas in Bangkok, so there you will find many hotels at all levels, from hotels with infinity pools that blend in with the urban and powerful landscape of the city, to the most basic hotels. Most hotels above 3 stars and up to the most prestigious hotels will be located in the Siam area and along Sukhumvit Street. There you can very easily find the right hotel for you in terms of budget and of course you can enjoy proximity to shopping centers and markets in the city.

In the Siam area you will find most of the attractions in Bangkok, the “Water World Aquarium”, and the kids attraction “Kidzania”, where your kids can dress up with different costumes and even try their hand at them, just like in real life. In addition, you will find many prestigious and popular shopping centers, the Siam Central World shopping center and more.

You will often find guesthouses and basic accommodations in the famous “Khaosan” area, known as the backpacker area of Bangkok, thousands of young backpackers who come hungry to devour the city, arrive for a short “refreshment” in young people’s terms and from there continue to the islands. Those young people don’t come to really relax in Bangkok so you can expect to see alcohol poured in crazy amounts in street clubs where the tourists will literally dance on the street and party until the late hours of the night. The Khaosan road is definitely recommended for a crazy pastime until the evening hours, but is less suitable for an accommodation area.

Another very touristic area is the river area and the old city of Bangkok. Luxury hotels overlooking the river alongside markets and the state-of-the-art shopping center “Icon” Siam are just a part of what this fascinating area has to offer.

As you probably already understand, in Bangkok you will find everything: luxury hotels, luxury restaurants and nightclubs on the roofs of skyscrapers, and on the other hand street food stalls, guesthouses at the most basic levels and authentic markets scattered throughout the city.

Tour to Bangkok

In recent years, Bangkok is slowly being revealed to the tourist and is no longer just a transit stop, many tourists understand that they also need to travel in Bangkok. Bangkok is a multi-faceted city, alongside ancient Asian culture and temples you will find boundless modernization, monstrous luxury complexes next to all this you can also see how the simple locals live.

The King’s Palace, a huge complex containing a number of breathtaking temples, arriving at the King’s Palace is a must, in the palace you will find the most important temple in the entire kingdom called “Wat Phra Kaew” where you can see the elegant Emerald Buddha.

In the large complex you will also find the huge statue of the reclining Buddha and other famous tourist attractions.

When traveling in the area of ​​the King’s Palace, it is also recommended to go to the nearby Khao san Street, a very lively and lively street, during the day you can enjoy shopping in the stalls scattered along the street and in the evening most of the stalls close and the street turns into one big party, the arrival is recommended

Canal boating, another way to travel and experience Bangkok is to take a trip through the canals of Bangkok, canal boating will reveal Bangkok to you completely, you can see how the locals live and make a living, a powerful and recommended experience

As we have already mentioned, Bangkok has a lot to offer you, interesting markets, rich and ancient culture, brilliant modernization and much more, so if you make a trip to Bangkok you will enjoy your trip even more.

What to do in Bangkok

The city of Bangkok is no longer just a transit or shopping stop and it can certainly fill your itinerary with 2-3 nights of experiences of a very different kind than what we experience on the islands. The city of Bangkok has undergone several changes since the Corona virus, below are some interesting recommendations updated for the period after the Corona virus!

Bangkok | asiatique bangkok


The evening promenade along the Chao Phraya River and the modern market survived the corona and by and large, the market is active every day starting at 5 pm and is a great place for the whole family, you can also get on the giant wheel and see the city from a different angle!


Bangkok’s famous Chinatown street, or Yawart as the locals call it. It’s a Chinese-style street with lots of colorful lights and great local food, a great evening hangout for those who want to soak up another culture and aren’t afraid to try local food!

chinatown bangkok
Bangkok | jodd fairs night market

Night market JODD FAIRS

A new and cool evening market that opened in Bangkok in January 2022, the market is located in the Central Level 9 area, it is recommended to arrive starting at 8 pm and enjoy local food, bars and interesting shopping. The market operates in the style of a place of entertainment!

Chatuchak weekend market

The largest and most colorful market in Thailand, open every weekend – Saturday-Sunday.

Bangkok chautuchak

A view of the city of Bangkok from MAHANAKON

Come see the city of Bangkok from the 76th floor with a breathtaking view.

Night cruise on the Chao Phraya River

Come and see the city of Bangkok from a different angle, the river area of ​​the city of Bangkok has a magical atmosphere.

chao prhaya
khao san road bangkok

KhaoSan road

The famous backpacker street in the city with dozens of bars for a night out like in the movies.

Grand palace

The famous site the King’s Palace in Bangkok (Grand Palace) is one of the most popular attractions in the capital of Thailand. The palace is located in the ancient part of the city of Bangkok, in the “Senam Luang” area near the Chao Phraya River.

grand place bangkok
mbk mall bangkok


A huge 6-story indoor shopping mall/counterfeit market. It has lost its popularity and quality in recent years, if you have free time you can visit in for an hour tour and understand what it is all about.

Recommended attractions in Bangkok

dream world bangkok


A fun amusement park for the whole family in Bangkok, located about an hour’s drive from the city center.

water park bangkok

Siam Park Bangkok

An integrated amusement park and mini water park for the whole family in Bangkok, located about 50 minutes drive from the city center.


Sealife Aquarium

The underwater water world aquarium is luxurious and fun for the whole family. The huge and recommended complex is located on the minus 1 floor of the Siam Paragon shopping mall.

chao prhaya river bangkok

Chao Phraya River Exploration

Cruise and buffet dinner with a live band on Bangkok’s spectacular Chao Phraya River on the luxury Wonderful Pearl ship. An experience that is recommended for those staying in the city of Bangkok. You can see the city from a different angle and enjoy the lights overlooking the spectacular river.

Bangkok | mahanakhon 1

MAHANAKON tower view

A spectacular view of the city of Bangkok from the 76th floor of the impressive MAHANAKON TOWER in the city of Bangkok. Another angle for observing the huge metropolis called Bangkok.

Shopping malls in Bangkok

It’s true that you can’t talk about Bangkok without mentioning its shopping centers, surely in hot and humid weather like Bangkok you always want to escape to the air conditioner, here is the list of our recommended shopping centers:

Siam paragon

The prestigious shopping center of the city of Bangkok is located in the center of Siam, where you will find all the luxurious brands.


A new shopping center with all the top brands.

Terminal 21

A great shopping center in the city of Bangkok, each floor represents a different city in the world.

Central world

The largest mall in Bangkok and the 6th largest in the world! The best shopping center in Bangkok where you can find just about everything, great daily entertainment!

Icon Siam

The most modern shopping center in Bangkok and one of the most luxurious, located in a cool location along the river, you can watch a fountain show in the evening.

Rooftops in Bangkok

It’s always fun to go up to one of the high bars of the city of Bangkok and watch the city of Bangkok from above with a drink and music in the background, in the city of Bangkok you can find several of these, here are our recommendations:

Char Bangkok

Rooftop with a stunning view of the city of Bangkok, located at the Indigo Hotel.

Sirocco sky bar

How can we miss the most famous rooftop in Bangkok that became famous especially after the movie Hangover part 2, one of the most famous scenes was filmed on the rooftop of the LeBua hotel.


Located on Soi 11, a great place for a drink combined with the Bangkok city view.

(Flamenco - Bangkok)

A great rooftop, located on the top floor of the EmQuartier shopping center

(Escape Bangkok)

A great rooftop, located on the top floor of the EmQuartier shopping center

(Tichuca Rooftop Bar)

One of the most popular in the city, a great place to hang out.

רד סקיי (Red Sky)

Located on the roof of the Central World shopping center, with excellent views and atmosphere.

Mojjo Rooftop Lounge & Bar

A cool roof top with a unique atmosphere and view.

Recommended restaurants in Bangkok

Another and very important aspect is the food, how can you do without it. In Bangkok you will find all the varied Thai cuisine, endless restaurants, street stalls, chef restaurants and more. At any hour of the day you can find fine food and every place has its own charm, in Bangkok you will even find “Michelin” recommended street stalls, yes yes “Michelin” Not what you thought right? It’s fun to discover that not only super luxury restaurants are appreciated by the world’s most respected restaurant guide, even they couldn’t ignore what the city has to offer.

Samrub samrub thai
Saneh jaan
Jay fai
Sushi masato
the commons

Nightlife in Bangkok

(Route 66) – considered one of the best in the city, an old and high-quality entertainment club.

(Sing Sing) – A club with a special atmosphere where western and local musicians enjoy themselves together.

(Sugar) – Rap club on Soi 11, open until the wee hours.

(Khaosan Road) – From the pedestrian street of the bars of the city of Bangkok, go on a night adventure in one of the best bars on the street.

Recommended bars in Bangkok

bkk social club

bar marco


rabbit hole

bangkok view

Bangkok - FAQ

You can always travel in the city of Bangkok, it is a touristic city all year round, in terms of weather the best period is between November and May.

It is recommended to sleep in central areas such as: Siam, Sukhumvit and the river area

Depending on the number of nights of your entire trip, 2-3 nights would be a good option.

Bangkok's Map

Bangkok in conclusion

Despite the congestion and traffic jams in the city, it definitely has something magical that will fascinate every tourist, you will probably visit the city at the beginning or end of your trip, no matter when it happens, come with an open mind, give it a chance, it really is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Take a little tip, the city of Bangkok is not only the MBK.