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Hotels in Krabi

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Explore the top-rated hotels in Krabi and the neighboring Railay Beach strip. Nestled in the southwestern part of Thailand, Krabi boasts a selection of luxurious accommodations catering to all types of travelers. Whether you seek hotels in the vibrant Ao Nang tourist area or desire a pampering retreat in the authentic surroundings of Thailand along the Krabi coastline in Klong Muang and other areas, your preferences are well catered to.

grand beach resort in krabi

Recommended hotels in Krabi

For an enriched vacation experience in the coastal town of Krabi, we suggest combining it with several nearby destinations such as Phuket, Khao Lak, Koh Yao Yai, and more. To ensure you make the most of your beach town getaway, we’ve curated a selection of recommended hotels in Krabi for you.

Families with little ones can treat themselves to the delightful Dusit Thani Krabi resort, part of the “Duit” chain, offering the wonderful experience of a resort right by the beach. If you’re in the mood for extra pampering, opting for the brand-new Banyan Tree Krabi resort will undoubtedly elevate your experience. We’ve handpicked recommended hotels in Krabi to ensure you have an unforgettable stay. And, of course, we guarantee the best prices for hotels in both Krabi and the nearby beach town of Railay Beach.

The 5 best hotels in Krabi

The name of the hotelRatingsType
Krabi fresh banyan5Families & Couples
Ritz Carlton Pulai Bay Krabi5Couples & Families
Rayavadee Krabi5Couples & Families
Dusit Tani Krabi5Families
Panan Krabi4Families & Couples


Hotels in Krabi - when is it recommended to come?

The best time to enjoy Krabi’s lovely weather is from November to May. This is when it’s hot, but Krabi is great to visit all year round, and hotels are usually available. September is the rainiest month, so it’s suggested to avoid Krabi during that time. However, hotel prices are very attractive in September. Just a heads up, if you’re planning to visit during the hot season, it’s a good idea to book your hotel a few months in advance!

We guarantee the best prices for hotels in Krabi, to match a hotel and check prices for hotels in Krabi, you are invited to contact us with one click on WhatsApp.

A selection of recommended hotels in Krabi Railay Beach

Panan Krabi Resort


Banyan Tree Krabi




Krabi Resort​


Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf And Spa Resort​


Holiday Inn Resort Krabi Ao Nang​


Holiday Style Ao Nang Beach Resort, Krabi


Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort​


Beyond Resort Krabi​


Bhu Nga Thani Resort And Spa​


Hotels in Krabi -FAQ

The Dusit Thani Hotel is considered the best for families with children, offering facilities for children, family rooms and an adjoining outdoor area.

The months of November-May are considered the most comfortable in terms of weather.

Banyan Tree Krabi Hotel and Ravadee Hotel located in Riley Beach are considered the best in the area.

Railay Beach is a small stretch of beach accessed by motorboat only and is about 15 minutes by boat from the Ao Nang Krabi area. The recommended resort in Railay is Raiwadi.

More about hotels in Krabi

Krabi is a popular tourist destination in Thailand known for its stunning beaches, clear waters and beautiful natural landscapes. There are a large number of hotels and accommodations to choose from in Krabi, catering to a wide range of budgets and preferences. Here is an overview of the types of hotels you can find in Krabi:

Luxury Resorts: Krabi boasts a number of luxurious beachfront resorts that offer top-notch amenities such as private pools, spa facilities, gourmet dining and stunning ocean views. Some well-known luxury resorts include Rayavadee, Phulay Bay, The Ritz-Carlton Reserve and Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort.

Boutique hotels: Krabi has a variety of boutique hotels that offer a more intimate and personal experience. These properties often feature unique designs, stylish design and personal service. Check out places like Amari Vogue Krabi, The Elements Krabi Resort, and Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort.

Mid-Range Hotels: For travelers looking for comfortable accommodations without breaking the bank, Krabi offers plenty of mid-range hotels and beachfront properties. These hotels usually provide well-equipped rooms, swimming pools and easy access to the beach. Options include Krabi Resort, Aonang Princeville Resort, and Deevana Plaza Krabi Aonang.

Budget and guest houses: Krabi also caters to travelers with a limited budget with a variety of guest houses, hostels and cheap hotels. These options provide affordable and clean accommodations, making them suitable for backpackers and travelers on a tight budget. Examples include Blanco Hideout Railay, Slumber Party Hostel and Pak-Up Hostel.

Vacation Rentals: Many tourists prefer to rent villas, apartments or vacation homes for a more independent experience. Sites like Airbnb and offer a wide selection of vacation rentals in Krabi, from cozy apartments in Ao Nang to secluded villas in Riley Beach.

Eco-friendly and sustainable accommodation: Krabi is also home to a number of eco-friendly and sustainable accommodation places that prioritize the preservation of the environment. These properties often incorporate green practices and sustainable design elements. Consider staying at places like Anana Ecological Resort Krabi, The Frog and Catfish Country Inn, or The Bananas Resort and Restaurant for an eco-friendly stay.

It is important to note that Krabi’s popularity as a tourist destination means that accommodation can fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons. It is recommended to book the hotel well in advance to ensure your preferred choice. In addition, the best hotel for you will depend on your budget, your preferred location and the type of experience you are looking for, be it relaxation, adventure or a combination of both.