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Hotels in Pattaya

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The resort city south of Bangkok, known as the city of sins, but also one that does everything to accommodate families with children. Let’s choose hotels in Pattaya on a budget for every pocket and every type of vacation. From 4-star hotels for young people near Walking Street to 5-star resorts suitable for families in the Naklua area, which is considered quieter and cleaner. Pattaya, the resort city, presents diverse array of hotels throughout the various districts.

At Moon Holidays, we’ve meticulously evaluated numerous options to bring you the best. Our selection ensures not only excellent value for your money but also a commitment to providing the most competitive prices.

Recommended hotels in Pattaya

Families with children or young people full of energy, here you will find all the recommended hotels in Pattaya. The city of Pattaya, which is about an hour and a half drive from Bangkok, caters to all types of tourists. If you are visiting Pattaya with children, we recommend locating on the edges of the city of Pattaya, in the quieter and cleaner area, both in the south and in the north of the beach strip. In the northern area, enjoy the quiet Naklua Beach and pampering resorts in the style of Center Grand Mirage or Grand Center Point Pattaya. In the southern area you can enjoy the famous Renaissance Pattaya hotel which is highly praised. Remember that no matter where you choose, you can always reach the city center in a short drive. Young people coming to Pattaya want to experience the night life of the city of sins, we recommend locating in the city center a short drive from Walking Street. In addition, it is recommended to check if the hotel you choose approves of letting a guest into the room.

Royal Cliff Resort pattaya

The 10 best hotels in Pattaya

Name of the hotelRatingLocationSuitable for
Grand Center Point Terminal 215In the center of PattayaFamilies & Couples
Grand Center Point Spa5Grand Center Point SpaFamilies & Couples
Cape Dara5Night marketYoung Couples & Family
Centara Grand Mirage5On the beachFamilies
Hilton Pattaya5On the beachCouples & young people
Grand Center Point Pattaya4In the center of PattayaFamilies
Siam Siam Pattaya4In the center of PattayaCouples and young people
InterContinental Pattaya5Jometien beachCouples
Amari Pattaya4In the center of PattayaFamilies
Somerset Pattaya5In the center of PattayaCouples & Families

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Hotels in Pattaya on the beach

Centra Grand Mirage / 5 stars
Cape Dara / 5 stars
InterContinental Pattaya / 5 stars

Hotels in Pattaya for families

Grand Center Point Terminal 21 / 5 stars
Grand Center Point Space / 5 stars
Centra Grand Mirage Pattaya 5 stars

Hotels in Pattaya

Somerset Pattaya


Andaz Pattaya Jomtien Beach


Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya


Centra Avenue Hotel​


Amari Pattaya


Cape Dara Resort Pattaya​


Grande Centre Point Pattaya


Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort​


Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya​


Hilton Pattaya​


InterContinental Pattaya Resort​


Hotels in Pattaya - Everything You Wanted to Know

Grand Center Point Pattaya, Spice and Centra Grand Mirage Pattaya hotels are recommended for families with a variety of activities such as a mini water park.

It is recommended to order a few months in advance, especially during the peak season and the summer months.

The hotels in Pattaya are full every weekend with Thai guests who come mainly from Bangkok.

Yes, Pattaya is considered a resort town near Bangkok and you can combine it with a short vacation.

More about Hotels in Pattaya

Located on the east coast of Thailand, Pattaya is a popular beach resort city known for its vibrant nightlife, water activities and entertainment options. Pattaya offers a wide variety of hotels to meet different budgets and preferences. Below is an overview of the types of hotels you can find in Pattaya:

Beach Resorts: Pattaya is famous for its beautiful beaches, and there are many beach resorts that offer amazing sea views and direct access to the sand. These resorts often provide amenities such as swimming pools, water sports activities, beach bars and restaurants.

Luxury Hotels: Pattaya boasts a number of luxury hotels that provide top-notch amenities and services. These hotels include elegant rooms and suites, spa facilities, fine dining, fitness centers, and often have additional perks such as private beach areas, golf courses, or yacht charters.

Boutique hotels: Pattaya has a selection of boutique hotels that offer a unique and intimate experience. These hotels often have stylish designs, personal service and a pleasant atmosphere. They appeal to travelers looking for a more individual and intimate stay.

Budget Hotels: Pattaya offers a variety of budget accommodation, including guesthouses, budget hotels and hostels. These options provide reasonably priced rooms with basic amenities, making them suitable for budget-conscious travelers or backpackers.

Family-friendly resorts: Pattaya is a popular destination for families, and there are hotels and resorts that cater specifically to families with children. These resorts provide facilities like kids clubs, kiddie pools, playgrounds and organized activities to keep the kids entertained.

When choosing a hotel in Pattaya, consider factors such as location, proximity to attractions or the beach, available facilities and general reviews. It is recommended to research and compare prices and services to find the hotel that best suits your preferences and budget.

Here are some recommended hotels in Pattaya in different price ranges:

Luxury hotels:

Holiday Inn Pattaya: Located along Pattaya Beach, this hotel offers comfortable rooms, a pool.

Royal Cliff Beach Hotel: A famous five-star hotel complex with amazing ocean views, multiple swimming pools, a private beach, luxurious rooms and a variety of dining options.

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort: A family-friendly resort with a unique “Lost World” theme, offering spacious rooms, water park, multiple pools, and direct beach access.
Hilton Pattaya: Located in the heart of Pattaya and overlooking Pattaya Beach, this luxury hotel features modern rooms, rooftop, infinity pool and several dining options.

Mid-range hotels:

AVANI Pattaya Resort: A seaside resort with stylish rooms, a large swimming pool, a spa and a variety of dining options. It is conveniently located near popular attractions and the city center.
The Bayview Pattaya: Located off Walking Street, this hotel offers well-appointed rooms, a rooftop pool, a fitness center and panoramic views of Pattaya Bay.

Low budget hotels:

April Suites Pattaya: Located in the heart of Pattaya, this affordable hotel offers clean and comfortable rooms, a rooftop pool, and a convenient location close to shopping, dining, and entertainment areas.

Flipper Lodge Hotel: Located near the beach, this affordable hotel provides comfortable rooms, an outdoor pool, and easy access to Pattaya’s nightlife and attractions.

LK The Empress: Great value for money hotel with comfortable rooms, rooftop pool and a central location near the beach, shopping centers and nightlife areas.

Please note, these are just a few examples, and Pattaya has a wide range of hotels to choose from.

It is recommended to take into account factors such as location, services, proximity to attractions and your budget when choosing a hotel. Reading reviews from previous guests can also provide insight into the hotel’s quality and service.