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Moon Holidays Thailand – Your agency in Thailand.


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 Moon Holidays is a specialized tourism company focused on Thailand. We are based in Bangkok and take pride in assisting tourists visiting Thailand since 2016.

Our office is located in the heart of the business center.

We maintain direct contracts with hotels and local tourism service providers. With the help of a combination of Western and Thai staff, we perform weekly reviews of hotels and attractions in addition to, of course, direct feedback that we receive from our customers on a regular basis. We are here to guarantee you the best service and product and as well the best value for your money.

Moon Holidays stands apart from the typical tourism companies. We possess an in-depth understanding of our  customers’ unique needs and preferences. We excel in crafting meticulously tailored journeys from start to finish. Our comprehensive trip planning ensures that all participants derive equal enjoyment, even in diverse groups. For instance, when accommodating families with children, we skillfully design trips that offer equal delight for both adults and youngsters, without any compromises.

Our company operates an internet office in Bangkok, and the route planning is a collaborative effort between our Israeli team and our Thai counterparts to ensure you receive the utmost value for your investment. We are committed to delivering service in English to all customers in Thailand who require it, with the dedicated support of our Thai team. In case any issues arise with the Thai service providers, we are well-prepared to address and resolve them promptly.

By choosing our services, you can tailor a customized itinerary for your Thailand vacation, encompassing accommodations, attractions, ground transportation, internal flights, and more.

Of course we guarantee the best price – check us out.
Those who book our routes will benefit from convenient and safe payment terms that include a layout for payments and flexible cancellation terms.

Moon Holidays will provide added value to the American tourist visiting Thailand. Moon Holidays was established a lot because of the way in which the American tourist traveled in Thailand in the past, which was limited in destinations and knowledge about the real Thailand. We’ve written our fundamental values on our flag, emphasizing our commitment to service and sharing knowledge about Thailand. This commitment was strengthened after helping tens of thousands of families travel to Thailand with us.

Our motto as a company is: “The best advertising is a satisfied customer”, so we will do everything to make you happy.

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