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Guide to Pattaya

The city of Pattaya lies on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand about 140 kilometers southeast of the city of Bangkok. The meaning of the name Pattaya is “western monsoon winds”, today the city of Pattaya has other nicknames such as: “city of sins” or “non-stop city”.
In the 1960s, when Pattaya was still a small fishing town, ships of American soldiers docked in Pattaya on their way to the Vietnam War. Over time, by word of mouth, they passed on the charm of Pattaya to many others, and the city developed from a small fishing town to the wild nightlife city of Thailand and perhaps all Southeast Asia.
Today the city has about 200,000 inhabitants and is considered a large resort city visited by millions of tourists every year.


Despite the dubious title of “Sin City”, Pattaya is a highly developed resort town. Its location, only about an hour and a half drive from Bangkok, makes it a very popular destination among locals. Every weekend thousands of Thais from the middle-upper class descend on the resort city and visit one of the resorts for the many families spread out in the city.

Of course, still in certain areas such as Soi Bukhao or the Walking Street area, you will see many reminders of Pattaya’s extensive sex tourism, and you will understand why it is actually called the “city of sins”, but you will also find many clean and sterile areas, such as the Nakluea area in the north of Pattaya, where many resorts are also spread out, Markets and shopping centers. This area is much more suitable for families with children.

The local government is investing a lot to change the image of Pattaya and many hotels, shopping centers and attractions suitable for families and high class tourists are being built in the resort city. The city of Pattaya can definitely be included in your vacation in Thailand, especially during the low season, July – November, a period when the weather in Thailand is less stable.

How to reach Pattaya city?

The city of Pattaya is located southeast of the city of Bangkok at a distance of about 140 km. The best way to get to Pattaya is by traveling from Bangkok or from the airport of Bangkok to Pattaya in a time of two hours. In addition to the city of Pattaya from the local airport of Pattaya U-TAPAO the airport code is UTP. The airport is Located about 40 minutes drive from the city center. Flights from several destinations in Thailand land at the local airport. The resort town of Pattaya can be combined with Bangkok at the beginning or end of the trip.

Pattaya | flights to pattaya

Weather in Pattaya

The weather in the resort town of Pattaya is generally stable and very similar to the weather in Bangkok.
The months of December to May are considered the most convenient for a vacation in the coastal town of Pattaya.

The months of June to August, as in all of Thailand, we move into a rainy period and there may be occasional rains, but the weather is still warm and you can relax in the city of Pattaya.

The months of September-November are relatively the rainiest of the year,
But even in this period there are many days of dark sun for a country with tropical weather and crowds of tourists visit Pattaya in these months as well.

In conclusion, you can travel in the city of Pattaya all year round, even on rainy days there is a lot to do, the city has many shopping centers which we will expand on later.
Also, getting to Pattaya by car is quite easy and comfortable, and rainy weather shouldn’t hinder the journey either.

Pattaya with kids

The resort town has become popular among families in recent years, and there are several reasons for this, the local government is making great efforts and succeeding in changing the face of the city. Lots of resorts adapted for families with children, endless attractions and shopping centers. The cleanliness and improvement of the city’s infrastructure are also noticeable.

luxury resorts from large chains such as Grand Center Point Space, Amari or Centra Grand Mirage will upgrade your family stay in Pattaya.

In addition, 2 large and expensive water parks built especially for families with children are only a small part of what the city has to offer.

pattaya with kids
pattaya with kids center pattaya

The city is divided into 3 main parts along the coast: the southern area, adjacent to Walking Street, is the wild nightlife area of the island. The central area where you will find the city’s shopping centers. The northern area known as Nakluea, a cleaner and more orderly area, is mainly suitable for families with children, where most of Pattaya’s family resorts are also located. We recommend you to stay in this area.

In terms of transportation, blue vans called “Songtao” circulate in the city. Vans that are a type of service taxis, that you just get on and drive away. The cost of the trip is 10 baht per person. The vans have a fixed route, and they drive around the street of the boardwalk and the other street parallel to the boardwalk.

The proximity of the city to Bangkok and the relatively easy way (only an hour and a half drive) also make them attractive for families, and you can easily combine the two destinations. Pattaya with children is recommended mainly during the rainy periods of Thailand, the weather in Pattaya is relatively stable, and even on a rainy day you can always find an “indoor” activity for children in Pattaya.

Recommended hotels for families with kids

Hotel NameStarsLocation
Grand Center Point Pattaya5Terminal 21
Grand Center Point Spa5Sea View
Centara Grand Mirage Pattaya5Beachfront
Amari Pattaya5Sea View

The city of Pattaya offers a large and luxurious selection of hotels and resorts for all types of travelers. You can find 3-star hotels for retirees who come for long periods to luxurious 5-star hotels suitable for families with children, of course also resorts from the Hilton or Siam Siam chains, where you can find rooms overlooking the sea. and a wide variety of hotels suitable for everyone and every budget.

By the way, thanks to a large variety of hotels, resorts in the resort city will often be cheaper than luxurious hotels in other destinations in Thailand.


What to do in Pattaya?

pattaya center

Central Pattaya

A large and well-invested mall from the “Central” chain in Pattaya. Located in the center of Pattaya on the main street of the boardwalk and offering a quality shopping experience in addition to a place to hangout and restaurants for evening entertainment.

terminal 21 pattaya

Terminal 21 Pattaya

A new and big shopping center just like in the city of Bangkok. A new mall that opened in 2022 in Pattaya and offers the exact same shopping experience as in Bangkok.

pattaya viewpoint

Pattaya Viewpoint

The famous viewpoint for the city of Pattaya with a panoramic view of the entire Pattaya Bay. There you will also find a cafe with an amazing view of the bay of Pattaya. Definitely a must-see for visitors to Pattaya.

Pattaya | sky gallery pattaya

Sky Gallery

The most special cafe in Pattaya with an amazing view of the sea and Koh Lan Island in the background. You will find the most beautiful sunsets there right in the front row, of course on weekends it is recommended to reserve a place in advance. By the way, the food and drinks are also great there.

columbia water park

Columbia Pictures Aquaverse - Pattaya

An innovative and recommended water park for the whole family (used to be called the Carton Network water park). Definitely one of the best water parks in Thailand and the best in Pattaya, an experience for the whole family.

ramayana water park

Ramayana water park

The biggest water park in Pattaya. A visit is recommended for those who have previously visited the “Columbia” water park.


Koh Larn island Pattaya

The tropical island is located about 25 minutes by boat from Pattaya and offers a real tropical atmosphere in front of the beaches of Pattaya. You can sail throughout most of the day. Suitable for those who want to get an island vibe and escape from the actions in Pattaya.

sanctury of truth pattaya

Sanctuary of Truth Museum

A temple built entirely of wood and located along the sea on the north side of Pattaya. The entire temple is built with handwork that continues to this day.

Pattaya | Nong Nooch Botanical Garden

Nong Nooch Botanical Garden

Spectacular botanical gardens built on a huge area. Several dunams of green are invested in different forms, you can travel with the vehicle. Very hot, it is recommended to evaluate accordingly.

tiaffaney show pattaya

Tiffany's Show Pattaya

Thailand’s biggest and most famous ladyboy show. Located in the center of Pattaya next to Terminal 21.

hotels in pattaya

Walking street Pattaya

Pattaya’s nightlife and vices street, perhaps the most famous street in Pattaya with dozens of clubs, bars and gogo clubs. Not mandatory to visit but definitely interesting to see this side of the city of Pattaya.

night market in pattaya

Thepprasit Night Market

The largest and most popular market in Pattaya. Open every day in the evening and offers lots of delicious and refreshing local food.

pattaya big buddha

Big buddha

In the city of Pattaya, you’ll come across a magnificent golden Buddha statue, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the surroundings. The iconic Buddha symbolizes Thailand, and Pattaya boasts other significant religious statues as well.

Pattaya Nightlife

You will find most of Pattaya’s nightlife on the famous street in Pattaya – “Walking Street”.

Walking Street is a long pedestrian street that stretches over a kilometer where you will find all the clubs, bars, and gogo clubs of the city. The street itself has a somewhat dubious character with a lot of sex tourism, but you will also find top class nightclubs for a fun night out such as: Insomnia, Republic, Myst and more.

Pattaya- FAQ

The best time to come to Pattaya is in December-May, the weather is expected to be warm, stable and comfortable.

Yes, despite the not so reputaion that the city haveout  mainly because of the nightlife scenes. The local government allocates a lot of money to improve the image of the city, many resorts suitable for families, shopping malls and many attractions for kids have been built there.

The beaches in Pattaya are very different from the beaches on the islands, to be honest the beaches in Pattaya are not inviting and the resort city of Pattaya is not reached for the beaches.

It is recommended to include Pattaya in a vacation in Thailand for 3-4 nights at the beginning or end of the trip in combination with Bangkok.

There are blue vans called (Song Tao) that make rounds in Pattaya and cost 10 baht per person. They stop everywhere in central Pattaya. In addition, you can use taxis or the Bolt/Grab app.

Pattaya's Map

Pattaya in conclusion

Pattaya is a popular place in Thailand. It’s not exactly like the classic image of Thai islands, but it’s still a cool spot for families and couples.

If you’re a family or a couple looking for a fun vacation, Pattaya could be a good choice for you. Get in touch with us to start planning your trip and see if Pattaya fits into your Thailand adventure.