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Khao Lak

Vacation in Khao Lak

Careful, falling coconuts! Welcome to the magical beach town of Khao Lak – a true Thai paradise. Take a moment to relax, put the noise and busy beaches aside and dive into a real authentic vacation, just like you imagined.

Khao Lak is a coastal town (not an island) located in Phang Nga District, about an hour and a quarter drive north of Phuket Island which is connected by a bridge with Phang Nga District.

Khao Lak is a stretch of beach of about 30 kilometers along the Andaman coast on one side, breathtaking green mountains on the other and in the middle of some of the most luxurious and luxurious resorts you will find in Thailand – this is also the number one attraction factor for many families with children to Khao Lak: the family resorts that the town of Khao Lak offers, on We will expand later. In addition, it is important to note that, in Khao Lak, tourism does not cross the line of good taste, so the locals will justify the name given to Thailand as the “Land of Smiles”.

The perfect recipe for an unforgettable vacation in Khao Lak is a combination of a high-quality 5-star resort on the beach, local food and going on several of Thailand’s beautiful nature tours, which Khao Lak definitely offers.

Khao Lak - How to get there?

The beach town of Khao Lak is located about 70 km north of the island of Phuket. The most convenient way to get to the beach town is by traveling from Phuket in an hour and a quarter. It is recommended to combine a vacation between the two destinations, the transition between them is easy and fast. Traveling by private mini van from Phuket to Khao Lak will cost about 1, 500 – 2,500 baht.

Additionally, if you want to go directly to Khao Lak without stopping in Phuket, you can land at Phuket Airport and take a direct ride to Khao Lak.

Hua Hin

Weather in Khao Lak

As befits a tropical country like Thailand, the weather there is unpredictable, but the question always arises: when is it recommended to travel to Khao Lak? There is no unequivocal answer, we always rely on past predictions even though we cannot know for sure what will happen in the future.

Khao Lak is a tourist destination all year round, and in tropical weather, along with many sunny days, there are also rainy days.

December – May are the classic months for a vacation in Khao Lak, the weather is excellent with lots of sunny days.

The rest of the period weather is unobservable, statistically the rainiest month in Khao Lak is September, tropical rain falls almost every day, and the sea can be quite rough.

When should you fly to Khao Lak?

The best time to visit Khao Lak is between the months of November and May, during these months you can enjoy some of the best weather that Thailand has to offer, in addition to the fact that the spectacular Similan Islands Nature Reserve will be open.

Between the months of May and November, the period is considered a wet period and you can say with some certainty that it will rain, however, the hotels during this period offer very affordable prices so that you can enjoy very cheap prices for very, very luxurious hotels, for years tourists have been coming even during the wet period which is combined with lots of sunny days And most of the time the rain is not the kind that neutralizes that is why it is worth thinking about Khao Lak all year round.

Beaches in Khao Lak

Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak Beach

The first beach you will see in Khao Lak when you arrive from Phuket, on the beach you will find several resorts and local restaurants.

bang Niang Beach

Bang Niang Beach​

One of the most popular beaches in Khao Lak, with plenty of restaurants, bars and interest. Near the beach you will find several resorts.

White Sand Beach

White sand beach

A beautiful beach with white sand and turquoise water, located in the northern area of ​​Khao Lak and definitely worth a visit, is considered the most beautiful beach in the Khao Lak coastline.

Attractions in Khao Lak

The attractions in Khao Lak are impressive, all related to its exceptional natural beauty. The geographical area is simply winning, with some of the world’s most beautiful nature reserves. A vacation in Khao Lak combines nature trips with a quality resort. The must-visit nature reserves include Khao Sok and the Similan Islands.


Trip to Chao Lan Lake in Khao Sok Reserve

A trip to Chao Lan Lake, which is considered the most beautiful in Thailand, combines amazingly beautiful nature with an artificial lake created in the area and becomes a spectacular spectacle that is difficult to describe in words and you have to be there to understand exactly what it is all about!

Khao Lak Beach PPL

Khao Lak Reserve

A trip in the spectacular nature of the reserve, which includes: ATVs in the jungle, a 200-meter omega, rafting of about 5 km in the river of Khao Lak, a challenging jeep trip to the waterfalls and an easy trek in the reserve.

Elephants In Khao Lak

Elephant care at Khao Sok Nature Reserve

Explore Thailand’s rainforest at Khao Sok National Park. Enjoy an unforgettable elephant experience, including bathing with the world’s largest mammal. The trip features a visit to Khao Sok Nature Reserve, a one-hour canoe ride with a local guide, and a visit to an elephant treatment farm.

Surfing in Khao Lak

Surfing in Khao Lak

Our amazing and exclusive experience in Khao Lak, an attraction for the whole family and especially for children, come surf on the beautiful beach of Khao Lak at the surfing school with a close guide who will accompany you and teach you how to catch waves.


A trip to the Similan Islands

Experience the stunning Similan Islands, known as the Maldives of Thailand. This sailing trip explores a chain of 7 islands in the Andaman Sea, located 45 kilometers west of Khao Lak, available from October 15 to May 15.

Sea Turtle in Thailand

Sea turtle conservation center

Khao Lak’s sea turtle conservation center in western Thailand is a vast nature reserve where various sea turtle species are released into the sea, providing an educational experience for kids. Ton Chong Fa Waterfalls, just a few kilometers from Khao Lak, are easily accessible, with a light trek required to reach the top.

Exploring Nightlife in Khao Lak

The night life in Khao Lak is far from hectic, those looking for loud clubs will not find it in Khao Lak, what you will find, in Khao Lak you will find light and calm bars with live performances that will play classic songs that we all love, the atmosphere will be calm and happy, in addition to that many tourists choose to spend time in the hotels In the evenings, the hotels in Khao Lak are of such a high standard and they have relaxed evening entertainment options.

The center of the town is on “Bang Niang” street, the street is quite long and along it you can find many good restaurants, shopping for souvenirs, and quite a few massage parlors, on some days of the week there is also a night market called “Bang Niang Market” the market is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday evenings, arrival Recommended.

Recommended restaurants

Mali restaurant
Pam's restaurant & cooking class
Devasom beach grill bar
Takola thai restaurant
Olive restaurant at jw marriott khao lak
Sakura japanese restaurant

Hotels in Khao Lak

The appeal of Khao Lak as a family vacation destination has risen steadily in recent years, primarily due to the exceptional resorts it offers.

The island is home to numerous family-friendly resorts, some of which include mini water parks. Every resort offers an array of activities like snooker, table tennis, various courses, and much more.

The enchantment lies in the fact that, even within a club-style resort, the serene and magical ambiance is carefully preserved. From every corner of the resort, one can revel in breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

This tranquility is safeguarded by a local law that restricts hotel heights to the level of coconut trees, ensuring the scenery stays clear and continuous.

Moving beyond the family-oriented hotels, the central area known as ‘Khao Lak Center’ is exceptionally family-friendly. With broad sidewalks, cleanliness, and the friendly locals we mentioned earlier, this area is adorned with numerous restaurants, fruit stands, and massage parlors on both sides of the street, contributing to the inviting atmosphere for families with children visiting.

Speaking of family hotels in Khao Lak, we'd like to recommend some to enhance your vacation experience.

The Sands Cove Lac Hotel

For details and booking

Marriott Khao Lak Hotel

For details and booking

Avani Khao Lak Hotel

Khao Lak with kids

Get to know Khao Lak with kids, this spectacular beach town will definitely be your surprising destination on a trip to Thailand. Long tropical beaches, breathtaking nature and hotels that fit like a glove for families with children.

The resort town of Khao Lak Thailand is exactly Thailand in good taste, kind people and tourism that does not cross the line of good taste makes it perfect for a vacation in Thailand with children.

The best resorts spread along the coast and include water parks, children’s rooms, and facilities for children, upgrading and making the vacation with children easy, comfortable, and interesting.

To enhance your vacation, we’ve gathered attractions and recommended family activities in Khao Lak, Thailand.

Khao Lak | Kids Khao Lak

Khao Lak - FAQ

Khao Lak is a tourist destination all year round, if you want to come in the most recommended period in terms of weather, the months of November-May are considered more comfortable.

Between three and five nights and no less than 3 nights at least 3 nights you will be able to do at least one important attraction if you stay more then you will be able to do one more.

The town center will be in the area of ​​The Sands Hotel, however most hotels will be about 10 minutes away from the center near The Sands, another center is called Bang Niang Street where you will find quite a few restaurants and activities

Unequivocally yes, a combination of fun and enriching family-friendly attractions and family-friendly hotels make Khao Lak a recommended destination for families.

Don’t miss a visit to Khao Sok Nature Reserve and a visit to Chao Lan Lake, if you arrive by sea in the months of mid-October to mid-May then it is recommended not to miss the Similan Islands.

Khao Lak map

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Khao Lak in conclusion

Khao Lak is becoming more and more popular among the tourist audience and a destination that is a must on the list of destinations for families visiting Thailand. A combination of quality attractions and resorts are the key to a vacation in Khao Lak. This destination from the beginning transmits a different energy that relaxes you and makes you connect with nature.